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Aka: Die Teufelsbrigade
La brigada del diable
Genre: Action / Adventure / Drama / War
Released: 1968
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Starring: William HoldenRichard DawsonBill FletcherRichard JaeckelJack WatsonClaude AkinsJeremy SlateAndrew PrineVince EdwardsCliff Robertson
Run time: 130 min.
Views: 10145
(7.2/10 from 6 users)10145
Approved (?)
Storyline: Standard WWII fantasyland fare as Holden grabs a thankless detail: create a fit commando troop from a gaggle of down-and-dirty Canadian and American misfits. Big-budget, big-screen treatment and curious assortment of stars doesn't add up to much, but choosing the the Italian Alps as a theatre of war is refreshing.

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no likes
(1 month ago)
Holden went on to make a 2nd movie that year he was more noted for; "The Wild Bunch". This never got the recognition it should have. Especially with all the fine actors who appeared in this. The story is essentially true, with Hollywood doctoring it up a lot. Still a fine tribute to the men who fought and died so bravely. 5/5. smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

senior guru
no likes
(1 year ago)
WWII story has William Holden looking distressed at playing an American Lieutenant Coloniel, assigned to the heady task of whipping a large group of delinquent G.I.s into shape within four months for possible battle in Norway; complicating matters on the training base is the inclusion of a Canadian military unit who must share the field--and the barracks--with the obnoxious Yanks. Robert H. Adleman's book must have seemed like surefire screen material in 1968, but today it merely looks like a second-rate imitation of any number of "Dirty Dozen" war entries. All the usual clichés are firmly in place, from the rowdy bar brawl to the male ego-bruising to the eventual bonding amongst the men (which happens at exactly the 60-minute mark, commencing with the graduation ceremonies). A not-bad supporting cast (including Cliff Robertson, Vince Edwards, Carroll O'Connor, and an aged Michael Rennie and Dana Andrews) mostly takes a backseat to the soldiers-in-training, with Claude Akins' class-clown hogging a great deal of the spotlight. By-the-numbers film-making (not to mention storytelling) has a handful of rousing moments; yet, once the first-half is done, the rest of the picture is practically irrelevant. *1/2 from ****

no likes
(7 years ago)
Or First Special Services Force, (FSSF), was a real Unit. The Germans gave them the nickname "The Black Devils." Given to them because they blackened their faces with shoe polish for night raids and would sneak in and kill without being seen.

This movie is based on history except the Americans were not misfits as they are portrayed here. They were volunteers selected for their previous experience as lumberjacks, forest rangers, hunters, game wardens, and the like.

They also did not scavenge for equipment. Rather, Colonel Fredrick, (real name), enjoyed a very high priority in obtaining equipment and training areas.

All in all a fabulous war movie. 5/5